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Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems for Forecasting

Artificial Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems for Forecasting

Artificial neural networks and fuzzy systems have been commonly used to obtain forecasts by many of researchers in the literature. Aim of this special session is creating discuss on these techniques among different disciplines. Econometricians, Industrial engineers, statisticians are welcome to contribute for this special session. The special session topics are listed below:

·         Feed Forward Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting

·         Recurrent Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting

·         Bootstrapped Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting

·         Fuzzy Inference Systems for Forecasting

·         Fuzzy Time Series Approaches

·         Model selection criteria for Artificial Neural Networks for Forecasting

·         Bootstrapped Fuzzy Time Series Approaches

·         Robust Fuzzy Time Series Approaches

·         Hybrid Approaches: Artificial Neural Networks, Fuzzy systems and Classical Time Series Systems


Paper Proposals for Special Session:

1-      Presenter: Erol Egrioglu, Title: Bootstrapped Linear and Nonlinear Artificial Neural Network for Forecasting

Erol Egrioglu, Ufuk Yolcu, Eren Baş, Özge Cağcağ Yolcu

2-      Presenter: Ozge Gundogdu, Title: Bootstrapped Robust Pi-Sigma Artificial Neural Network Based on Robust Learning Algorithm

Ozge Gundoğdu, Erol Eğrioğlu, Ufuk Yolcu,  Eren Baş

3-      Presenter: Ali Zafer Dalar, Title: Recurrent Fuzzy Regression Functions Approach based on IID Innovations Bootstrap with Rejection Sampling

Ali Zafer Dalar, Eren Baş, Erol Eğrioğlu, Ufuk Yolcu

4-      Presenter: Eren Bas, Title: Intuitionistic Fuzzy Regression Functions Approach for Forecasting

Eren Baş, Ufuk Yolcu, Erol Eğrioğlu, Ali Zafer Dalar

5-      Presenter: Vedide Rezan USLU, Title: Forecasting of Employment Statistics in Turkey by Fuzzy Time Series Methods

      Vedide Rezan USLU, Eren Baş, Erol Eğrioğlu

Important Dates

Abstract Submission Deadline:
February 15, 2017
March 15, 2017

Full Paper Submissions:
March 25, 2017

Author Notification:
April 10, 2017

Conference Fee Payment Deadline:
April 15, 2017

Conference Dates:
April 27-28, 2017

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